What are the benefits of using a floor scale?


What are the benefits of using a floor scale?

Floor scales are very versatile and feature durable and robust designs. They are mostly found in industrial and commercial environments where they may be used to weigh heavy or bulky items such as boxes, crates or sacks. When combined with a checkweighing or parts counting feature, they too can be used for stocktaking on invetory monitoring, and are frequently used in shipping departments and dispatch areas for checking the weights of parcels, sacks and crates before transport.

Floor scales can also be found in agricultural environments where they can be used to weigh out heavy subjects like animal feeds, yields or smaller animals. Their hardy builds lend themselve to tough agricultural settings where a long lasting, easy to clean scale is neccessary, with many being IP rated for extra protection from dirt, dust, animal feeds or liquids. 

Floor scales offer one thing that a bench scale struggles to give: high capacity. They are made for more heavy duty weighing applications, so anyone that requires higher capacity weighing should opt for a floor scale. Maximum capacities can go up to the 600kg mark which is suitable for very heavy industrial weighing, and most floor scales feature generous sized weighing pans that can make weighing large, awkward sized subjects easier.

Heavy items can also easily be lifted up and onto the weighing pan, which is both safer and simpler than trying to lift heavy items up onto a bench. This also makes weighing subjects from a trolley quick and efficient.